How to Heal Yourself Using Paida Lajin Methods

paida lajin healing

Pailala Institute

The Pailala Institute is an organization built around the principle of Paida Lajin, which aids the body in healing itself. The institute is non-profit and run exclusively by volunteers. Its mission is to awaken the power of self-healing that exists in every individual in order to reduce the cost of medical treatment and its side effects while guiding the world to better health.

Pailala Institute Classes

Classes for Paida Lajin are taught online through video instruction. While some classes are free to view for everyone, other require membership in the institute. There are introductory videos for those just starting out, and the instruction gradually advances into treating specific ailments, such as chronic pain in the knees, elbows, shoulder and head. The advantage of the online approach is the videos can be viewed as many times as necessary to ensure the Paida Lajin technique is being properly applied.

Pailala Institute Membership

Pailala institute

The Pailala Institute offers three levels of membership. The following explains each one in detail:

• Basic membership. This costs $1 each month and entitles the individual to four video lectures, nine tutorials and a newsletter. This level also offers periodic coupons and discounts for the online store.

• Supporting membership. All supporting members receive the privileges of basic membership with the addition of 30 podcasts and a 16-lesson course in basic Paida Lajin concepts. This membership level also provides information and news regarding seminars and workshops. The cost to be a supporter is $1 for the first week, then $9 each month afterward.

• Premiere membership. This level, which starts at $1 for the first week and is $19 each month afterward, includes all of the benefits of the first two levels plus an extra 105 lessons on the guidelines, principles and theories of Paida Lajin to assist the individual and their family. The instruction is personally presented by Master HongChi Xiao and includes an extensive database of information that will answer most questions about the method.


While the Pailala Institute offers an accessible and affordable path to Paida Lajin and natural healing, it does not endorse any products or claim that the technique is a cure. Individuals seeking relief from medical problems should always stay in contact with their doctors and should not stop any medication unless instructed to do so.

Those who want natural relief from chronic pain and other health issues can find help and support through the Pailala Institute.